My daughter was poisoned on August 5th, 2022. My then lawyer filed an emergency petition. It took Judge Henry Hilles III more than 6 months to review the evidence.

I notified Dina via email on August 04 at 3:02pm that Sophia and I would be staying in Miami over the weekend. In order to prevent her from executing some scheme or fabricating an excuse, I waited until the last minute. The subject of the email was “OFW lockout”. I had replaced my phone the previous week and lost numerous credentials, privileges, and data as a result.

At the corner of Butler and Skippack Pikes, I picked up Sophia at the CVS parking lot in Blue Bell. Dina and Clara (Sophia’s mother and grandmother) sometimes park on Skippack Pike. I park on Butler Pike. When picking up Sophia or dropping her off, I walk with her to the Willow Lake Farm Preserve fence to call out to the horses. 

On 08/05/2022 Francie Collins and myself went to pick up Sophia. We arrived shortly before 6pm. When we turned the corner at CVS I noticed that Clara and Sophia were out of the car on the sidewalk. Sophia was not standing up ok. As we got closer I could see she was crying, barely standing, very distressed. I approached her, bent down, and started to comfort her and ask “what’s wrong?”. Clara quickly snapped “She just woke up from a nap”. Kids can be cranky and whiny when they get up from naps. 

In order to console Sophia, I walked and rubbed her back. I asked her if she wanted to yell at the horses, but she declined. That was very unusual. I placed her in the car, ran the A/C, and cuddled her in the back for a few minutes until she was comfortable enough to allow me to begin driving. Once we left the parking lot, she was slumped over, asleep, and drooling.

I discussed with Francie how out-of-it she was when we returned to 2 Malvern Rd. Sophia was still asleep when we reached 2 Malvern Rd. I opted to cruise around the neighborhood to allow her to rest. At 6:12pm, she woke up, cried, and shouted, “I can’t go on the plane.” I did not inform Sophia that we were going on a plane; later, Sophia informed me that her mother warned her not to fly. I took out my phone to record and ask her some questions. Sophia began vomiting heavily. After turning around a driveway of 11 Malvern Road, I quickly drove her back home (approximately 250 feet).

She was covered head to toes in vomit. I cleaned her off and Francie took her upstairs to bathe. My first task was to clean the vomit out of the car. I noticed that the vomit was undigested rice and beans. Sophia was passing out in the tub, so I went upstairs to find her unconscious in Francie’s arms at 6:29. My mother’s friend Nancy Thompson, a nurse, was there at 6:29. She checked Sophia and reported a weak and distant pulse. She performed a sternal rub, but she did not like the results. She advised me to take Sophia to the emergency room. 6pm drop offs are always made with the expectation that the person picking up can feed Sophia dinner. I took a sample from the vomit to determine if Sophia had been exposed to E. coli.

I messaged Dina on OFW at 7:05pm from my laptop and reset my login credentials so I could access the site from my phone while at the hospital. Dina only appeared to be interested in defending herself. She did not mention Sophia’s health. I informed her that I intend to have her checked for poisoning.

Upon entering the emergency room at 7:51 p.m., Sophia, Francie, and I were all checked into the hospital. Sophia was feeling better by 8:14 p.m., but she was still a little woozy. She did not remember screaming about the plane. In the community center park, Sophia and I practiced colors while watching planes from Wings Field fly over. In the days when we lived so close to Wings Field, airplanes were a noisy part of life. She stated that her mother informed her she would be traveling on a plane that day. The Miami trip was supposed to be a surprise to Sophia. 

Her treatment consisted of an ER bed and some monitoring equipment. I was very impressed with the staff who handled Sophia well. The registrar collected Sophia’s insurance information. Dina has only ever provided me with a photo of her insurance card. She keeps all the documentation from me. I messaged Dina for the information at 8:58pm. I explained to the woman that I did not expect Dina to provide the information. I provided her with Dina’s telephone number. Dina was contacted to obtain the information. Dina replied to my message at 9:17pm after Einstein staff called her. Dina had already known about the situation for 2 hours.

Sophia’s behavior became more and more like her own as she grew more cognizant and chipper. 

A lot of stuff wasn’t adding up and I began to suspect Dina may have done something to sabotage the Miami trip. I informed the hospital staff. They took it seriously. They explained that they couldn’t test for agricultural toxins that would have been used to intentionally sick Sophia. However, a toxicology report could be conducted. I agreed to this. A urine sample was collected and sent off for testing.

It was informed to me by hospital staff that Dina would be arriving shortly. The staff thought this was unusual and unnecessary. They even asked me why, and asked me if I would allow her to enter the room. I agreed. Francie left to run errands. Dina was accompanied by Clara who was not permitted into the emergency room. 

As Dina acted erratically and aggressively, she said Sophia would not be leaving with me after she had been hospitalized. I explained that she would most certainly stay with me. She told me to “file a petition”. She was clutching Sophia and seemed to be planning an escape. It was a very bad scene. I informed the doctor. He came in and spoke to Dina to calm her down.

Several minutes later, Dina claims that the hospital called her to come down. I explained that I had given them her phone number since they were only interested in insurance information. As Dina claimed, the hospital staff, security, and police were informed of the situation and that I would be arrested if I attempted to have custody time with Sophia. She was clutching Sophia and becoming increasingly more nervous and aggressive. I went back into the hall and told the doctor that Dina might have to be removed. The doctor went back in and spoke with Dina again. Shortly thereafter, Dina directly said “Sophia is not going to Miami”. She continued with her threats about the police, claims that Sophia was leaving with her, that I had to file a petition, and so on. I asked the doctor to remove Dina. He had her leave the room. She was informed that Sophia was leaving with me. She sat in the ER hallway staring at Sophia and I in the room. 

A bit later the doctor came back and explained to both of us that as a mandatory witness he is required to report things that concern him to Children Youth Services. He then told us that Sophia had cannabis in her system. Sophia, my newly 5-year-old daughter, failed a drug test.

Sophia was discharged at 11:26pm. We brought her home to 2 Malvern Rd and fed her and put her to bed.

The next day Sophia was fine. Her appetite was good. She played with the dog.  We got ready to go to the airport.

She still claimed to be afraid of planes. At the airport we took lots of happy photos with the plane outside and I showed her the jet engines and explained the moving parts and how the wheels go up during flight. She thought it was cool. Take off was fun. She loved being above the clouds. 

We landed in Miami and went to the condo of the CEO of where Sophia happily played with Tatiana’s dog, Mishu. Sophia then went to bed. I spent the evening talking to industry developers, podcasters, investors, academics, and a Danish Chef. We all ate well

On Saturday we woke up and enjoyed a nice breakfast followed by pool time, a BBQ, and a walk to explore the flora and fauna of the tropics. We saw lizards, and parrots and lots of different trees, flowers, and grasses. We even had time to head to a park to play before heading home.

I spent Monday morning catching up on laundry and unpacking from the trip. Jasmine, and her investigative supervisor Danae Sweeny, came by at 1pm to interview Sophia and then chat with Carol (My Mother), and Walter (My Father). During the visit from OCY I took the drug test that I requested and was clear. Dina agreed to take the drug test but will have it administered by a 3rd party. OCY staff considered that suspicious. They lamented that they would most probably be unable to supersede the court order but after visiting Dina at 532 Fort Washington Ave they did impose a 24/7 supervision rule.

I’m concerned that Clara may be the supervisor. Dina went to jail for beating her mother a few years ago. Also, Clara was hiding a very black eye when I dropped Sophia off on New Year’s day in 2020.

After Jasmine and Danae left at approx. 2:10pm, I called Plymouth Township police dept. to make a report to submit with this emergency petition. Officer Paul Subbio took a report.





I went to CVS at 3pm. We played in the car. We shouted to the horses in the field. We walked and looked at plants while we waited. When Dina and Clara arrived at 4pm they looked flustered and agitated. They quickly grabbed Sophia and hurried off. I’m concerned that they may abscond with Sophia or do something drastic. 

A lot of inexplicable things have happened since the poisoning. I’ll continue adding it here.

Dina Is Sophia’s mother. Clara is Sophia’s Grandmother. We have to do Sophia’s pick-ups and drop off at CVS because they kept accusing me of aggression at pick up and drop off. I wanted it to be in a recorded parking lot to prove that wasn’t true.

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